Could all this be caused by a dying battery?

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Could all this be caused by a dying battery?

Сообщение spadekevin » 08 авг 2018, 09:53


This morning my car started up fine but on the way to work the radio turned off and back on three times. When I got to work and shut off my car the doors wouldn't lock. It sounded like the locking motor was spinning but the locks them selves would move. When I wen't back out to my car about 15 minutes later to go to our other building the car wouldn't start. All the dash indicators would come on but the starter wasn't clicking. There was also a horrible death wail coming from behind the dash. After the death wail went away I tried my locks again and they actually worked but every time I flicked them open or closed the dash indicators would blink like they weren't getting enough juice.
Could all this be caused by a dying battery? Its been in the car since '06 when I bought it ad I have no idea really how old it is. A few weeks ago my wife left the keys in the car and killed it completely which Im sure doesn't help anything.

If it's not a battery issue (please let it be a battery issue) would it more likely be a dead starter or something else electrical?

Please help.

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Thank you.

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