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external sites to put our downloads anymore.

Добавлено: 23 июл 2018, 18:21

If there's one thing I hate about this website other than the search, it's the fact that you can't download things straight from the site. To download anything on here, I have to go to an external site, which is not only annoying but sometimes infuriating because I can't always download things from those sites. It will just say "failed to download" or "an error occurred" and this happens to most of everything I try to download, not just some. All of this would be made so much easier if there was an "upload file" option to make it available for others to download straight from the site, and we wouldn't have to find all these external sites to put our downloads anymore.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

https://www.supermariobrosx.org/forums/ ... hp?t=21376
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Thank you.