What are the symptoms of a broken cable modem?

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What are the symptoms of a broken cable modem?

Сообщение jackneeson » 28 июн 2018, 11:28


I can't decide if the internet connection at home is due to something on their end, or is due to my cable modem. The past few days the internet connection has been nonfunctional or very poor. I've downloaded the manual for my cable modem and most of the time a single light flashes that the manual describes as "tuning", searching for a downstream cable modem. Sometimes two lights flash for "ranging", searching for an upstream channel. When it's actually working (or almost working), I get about 70% packet loss when I ping a web site. It's an RCA DCM235 cable modem. I'm willing to replace it with a different cable modem if there's a good chance of success, since I can do that tonight or tomorrow. Calling the cable company, making an appointment, and waiting a few days to get it resolved is less appealing, but if that's what it's going to take . . . ..

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