Is there a way to repair a modem damaged by lightning?

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Is there a way to repair a modem damaged by lightning?

Сообщение jackneeson » 28 июн 2018, 11:28


Here's the situation : This past weekend, a couple of fierce thunderstorms hit my area. At around 11PM Sunday, everything died down, so I decided to go online. Windows said "there was no answer" so I checked the line. I picked up the fax machine on that line, and didn't get a dial tone. For some reason, I decided to unplug the devices on the line (there's a three-way splitter plugged into the wall jack) and plug them back in. The dial tone returned. The long and short of it is that I think the modem attached to my desktop was damaged (US Robotics external) and the modem in my laptop may have been damaged as well. Both modems give me an error message, and afterwards the line is actually busy until I unplug the device that dialed. I brought home another modem for the work laptop and that worked, and I'm currently using the modem in my own laptop to connect. I don't mind buying another modem, but I'd like to try to fix this if I can. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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