Zorin OS not Detecting Monitor Properly

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Zorin OS not Detecting Monitor Properly

Сообщение dojutovi » 26 июн 2018, 15:18


I'm a noob & I installed Zorin OS last week [release 6, 32-bit, Kernel Linux 3.20-54-Generic PAE] in this desktop computer. When booting up, my monitor [Dell 1N1910N 1366X768 16:9, 60Hz.] always tells me that the computer settings don't match the monitor resolution. In spite of this, for the first few days when I checked "displays" it always showed me the proper resolution but today, after installing updates, the display is somewhat off so I checked the display settings & they're 1024X768 & it indicates that I'm using a laptop! I still can't get Zorin to detect the monitor correctly or allow me to manually change this & the resolution to the right ones. BIOS still displays OK, just Zorin won't quite; where do I go from here?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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