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A few questions on memory, what brand, is 4 sticks better than 2 etc ?

Добавлено: 14 май 2018, 13:29

1. Memory wise i'm currently running 2 x 4GB 2133 MHz modules which are Avexir with the green flashing lights, it seems Overclockers no longer stock them, any ideas as to why ?
2. What's the optimum speed i should get as an upgrade, i think i read somewhere that you shouldn't go above 2600MHz or there abouts as windows won't recognise it.
3. Is it better to fill all the memory slots. as an example would 4 x 4GB be better than using 2 x 8GB ?
4. If i can't get Avexir again, what brands would you suggest as i've lost touch with what's good and what's not good these days. Why has the price on memory gone through the roof ?

Please help.

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