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Добавлено: 11 май 2018, 14:49

This is just my opinion, but I think everything is just so overpowered that it doesn't actually require strategy and thought. This is partly due to strong effects and no real sacrifice. It also has to do with the god's having more abilities now compared to the original three capabilities they started out with. There needs to be more consequences and thought put into the game overall to keep players engaged. It gets boring if its all just very simple. I want god cards to be limited to doing a set of things but have neutral cards make up for it by using the abilities of other god cards (just a not as efficient form of those god cards) or doing their own unique thing (like how we have neutral families such as gobballs or midgins). I am going to go over every god and describe how I think they should be set up as (focusing on only three attributes).

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